About Us

Founded in 2015, Monstronauts is a quirky game development studio with a lot of imagination. But really, we'd rather describe ourselves as a bunch of passionate geeks super obsessed with creating fun games.

Welcome to our world. 

Welcome to fun!


Start & Go!

Monstronauts is born! Having worked together for the better part of the past two years, our team of nine set off on a brand spanking new adventure as an indie game development studio.

Potion Punch

After eight months in development, we finally released our first mobile game, Potion Punch!

Pocket Arcade

We released Pocket Arcade — our joint project with Kuyi Mobile! Woot!

Rowan McPaddles

Ahoy! We released our endless "rower"— Rowan McPaddles! *splish splash*

Potion Punch 2

Potion Punch 2 released worldwide.

The Team

AA Enriquez
Sound Designer

Whenever we need musical magic, we summon the great AA. He always finds a way to transform our rough ideas and clumsy recordings into AAA masterpieces. And when he's finished tapping his keyboards and guitars, he's off tappin' that mana on the battlefields of the Multiverse.

Allen Tan
Sometimes CEO

After a long day at the office, Allen likes to unwind by shooting evil aliens for the good of the universe, or by jokingly teleporting his teammate into the middle of the enemy's ranks, thus ensuring their doom. Such is the enigma that is Allen.

Bear Sarile
Game Programmer

Despite his name, Bear is a human programmer. He is in charge of making sure our games actually function, and ensuring that the office is adorned with up-to-date Gunpla.

Bobby Santos
Marketing Specialist

Positively brimming with infinite energy, Bobby is the extra spice that takes the meal from "good" to "great". When he isn't busy making us look and sound good with his marketing prowess, he's busy making us feel good with his endless jokes and good vibes.

Charlene Tan

Charlie’s passion for animation is borderline obsessive. Often seen binge-watching any form animation, it is only proper that she is the company’s first animator. When not fawning over the art of animation, she can be found explaining why her favorite ramen restaurant is better than yours, or attending to her furbaby and unofficial company dog - Yuki.

Christian Katipunan
Game Designer

Christian is a unique blend of human. He's 50% food, 50% video games, and the very soul of generosity. Just ask his never-empty canister of Stik-O that's open to the general public.

Gem Raagas

On weekdays she runs meetings and project sprints, on weekends her yin-yang dogs run her.

Glenn Sapla
Game Programmer

Often teased as "boss" in the office, Glenn is a paragon of responsible living. When he isn't playing shooters with friends, he can be found managing his finances on YNAB.

Jeric Aragon
Game Programmer

Jeric enjoys proclaiming Philippine pride, the musical stylings of Willie Revillame, and secretly wishing Pokemon were real. 

Lodi. Petmalu. Werpa. Jeric.

Jesse Mata
Game Tester

Known as the resident otaku, Jesse's vast knowledge of anime, fighting games, and gaming rigs has saved many a Monstronaut from the tendrils of boredom.

Jonathan Simbahan
Game Programmer

More than just a technical developer, Nates can also be considered the company's provider. He cooks on a daily basis, and makes sure that the crew's hunger meters never turn red.

Josh Bautista
Business Development Director

Josh has been in the game development industry for more than six years and loves improving on systems and processes. When he isn’t knee-deep in spreadsheets and documents, he likes replaying Final Fantasy 8, improving his Japanese, and making competitive Pokemon teams with nobody to battle with.

Joshua Alberto
Render Artist

Bert is the "introbert" graphic artist / designer of the team. Equipped with his OCD in design, he will provide in-game assets or social media images when needed. As long as you fuel him with coffee, dog cuddles, anime music, or all of them combined.

Jule Aguilar
Game Tester

Boasting a suite of superior reflexes, game sense, and patience, Jule is the one to go to when you need either a high score or a game build broken.

Ken Apacible
Server Programmer

Ching Ken likes chicken and reading about things online, especially about things he can't do very well, like programming. He's been struggling to finish his Flappy Bird clone for years now.

Kim Gacayan
Game Tester

Kim is a well-read man of culture who regularly leads soldiers, champions, heroes, and legends into battle. But when he's off duty, he focuses that wealth of experience and energy into breaking our builds.

Moises Limson
Concept Artist

Moises wields a rare gift in his keen sense of aesthetics, which fuels his super cool art talent and his drive to make everything in his life beautiful. He likes co-op multiplayer games, Stephen Chow movies, and ruining other people's diets with his food invites.

Nina Gomez

Nina is Monstronaut's very own animator. When she isn't bringing life to our art, she's usually busy giggling to herself while looking at dog videos, or imagining what her life would be now if she studied in Hogwarts.

Theresa Orille
Render Artist

Tere has mastered the art of creating amazing art while watching Netflix on the side. Her interests include, crime documentaries, anime, and portable fans.

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