Based in Quezon City, Philippines

Founding Date:
August 1, 2015


Press / Business Contact:


Potion Punch
Potion Punch 2


4th Floor, AA Building
37 Scout Borromeo Street
South Triangle, Quezon City
Metro Manila 1103

+63 (2) 475 8110


Monstronauts is a self-funded indie game development studio made up of ten people — a team of FUN-loving developers and designers from the Philippines. 

Established in 2015 by Allen Tan, the studio aims to create world-class original games for the desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Their tagline "Welcome to Fun" promises to deliver fun games for everyone, and coincides with the country's tourism campaign "It's More Fun In The Philippines" that begain in 2012.


Early History

The history of Monstronauts is filled with challenges and successes. Back in 2010, Allen left his corporate job and started on a journey to create his own game development studio. He successfully bootstrapped one by 2013 but sadly, things didn't turn out as expected.

As a start-up, the studio naturally provided consulting services for mobile and web applications while quietly working on its own IP — a mobile match-3 game entitled Face Mountain. The team grew over a span of 2 years until a key turning point in 2015. They were 14 people strong by then.

A difference in vision, among other things, caused the team to splinter into two. After a convoluted resolution, the services arm moved out but retained the original studio name, while the IP arm that worked on Face Mountain stayed and formed Monstronauts.

With a fresh start and plenty of lessons learned, the team rebooted and went on a brand spanking new adventure as an indie game development studio.

Fun Fact

The Monstronauts moniker was originally intended to be used as a game title.



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Allen Tan on Twitter
Personal twitter for Allen Tan (@abgtan) available at twitter.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Allen Benson Tan
CEO & Game Designer, Monstronauts

Jeric Aragon
Game Programmer, Monstronauts

Ramon Richard Luisking
Game Programmer, Monstronauts

Glenn Allen Sapla
Game Programmer, Monstronauts

John Edgar Sarile
Game Programmer, Monstronauts

Jonathan Simbahan
Game Programmer, Monstronauts

Joshua Alberto
Render Artist, Monstronauts

Maria Karenina Gomez
Animator, Monstronauts

Moises Limson
Concept Artist, Monstronauts

Jesse Carl Mata
3D Artist, Monstronauts

Theresa Marie Orille
Render Artist, Monstronauts

Charlene Tan
Animator, Monstronauts

Joshua Lorenzo Bautista
Business Development Director, Monstronauts

Gemmariel Raagas
Producer, Monstronauts

Christian Katipunan
Game Designer, Monstronauts

Gilberto Miguel Santos
Marketing Specialist, Monstronauts

Jule Antonio Aguilar
Game Tester, Monstronauts

Kim Bernard Gacayan
Game Tester, Monstronauts

Alfonse Agustin Enriquez
Composer & Sound Designer, Freelancer

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