Eat the Rich

When the wealthy and famous are pit against each other, it's eat or be eaten! In this demented party game for 6-10 players, survive a post-apo-capitalist game show that torments the sleaziest scum of society!

Society has collapsed due to the unbridled greed of the 1%. In retribution (and in lieu of a guillotine), the masses have forced the billionaires who caused it into a deadly game show against each other called Eat the Rich. Play as punished billionaires competing for pennies and the upper hand over multiple rounds. Survive excitingly mundane mini-games or brawl to the death with your frenemies. Form and betray shaky alliances and vote the competition out to secure your win! It’s all just business after all. 😉

Grab your friends for the greediest social deception game yet!