Sproutle Press Kit

Based in Quezon City, Philippines

Release Date: November 10, 2021

Android (Google)

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Sproutle is a whimsical blend of puzzle and adventure that adds a delightful layer of depth to a well-loved genre. In a simple twist, every puzzle element in Sproutle is seamlessly integrated into the tile-matching board, INCLUDING YOU! Take control, run around, and rearrange tiles like a puzzle god in a charming world governed by the rule of three — the universal law of nature that demands all same-colored things be arranged in lines of three or more (or they don’t count, duh!). Solve your way through challenging terrain, and fight against an encroaching darkness. Summon fairies, jump on plants, connect rivers, and build habitats to unlock the secrets of the world around you!


As Monstronauts' first foray into puzzle games, Sproutle is an attempt to expand the way tile-matching games are played. Despite external pressure to conform, the team took a huge gamble in the hopes that the twists and turns introduced in Sproutle will pave the way for a new breed of games.


  • The first movement-based tile-matching game: move around on the puzzle board to make matches.
  • A cerebral puzzler where positioning matters. Rearrange tiles to complete goals, and clear obstacles integrated into the terrain.
  • Outmaneuver the Darklings — dastardly creatures that hinder your path.
  • Collect and care for all the Sproutles — adorable forest denizens who accompany you on your adventure.
  • Build, decorate, and take photos of beautiful habitats for Sproutles to live in.
  • Follow Daisy's adventure and experience a lighthearted yet thrilling tale filled with ups and downs.
  • Ongoing updates expand the world with new levels to complete, new Sproutles to collect, new habitats to build, and so much more.